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About us

Story Pocket is a theatre company born from a passion to tell classic and original stories on the stage in an engaging, exciting and magical way. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do and we have designed puppets and story pockets to enable children to play and retell these stories again and again and to make up their own stories. It struck us how important it is for children to have wonderful toys in order to keep imaginations bursting with ideas. Therefore we will be adding to this shop as we find wonderful toys that maintain the ethos of beautiful craftsmanship, being imaginative and toys that will inspire storytelling and game playing. We feel that all the products in our store do this and we hope you agree.

We are based in the Guildford area and have been running as a theatre company since 2013. The shop is a new venture and every penny spent in our store will support us in producing great family theatre which we hope will inspire a love of theatre and storytelling for the next generation.

Do check out our website for more information on our shows and we would love to hear your views on the shop so drop us an email:, Tweet: @story_pocket, Facebook: Story Pocket Theatre. We look forward to hearing from you!